Do you have a criminal record in Maryland and would like to erase it?

This process is known as “Expungement”.

Why is it so important to expunge your criminal record?

Having a criminal record is a decisive factor that makes it difficult for the majority of corporations, companies, agencies and businesses to make positive decisions when it comes to:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Bank loans
  • School and university applications
  • And other governmental services

What benefits do I obtain by expunging my criminal record?

Independent of the grade of the offense, it’s clear that people in general are more inclined to trust in a person without a criminal record. Given that, once the process is complete, the offense as well as any register of it is erased, which means that the next time someone reviews your criminal record, there will be no trace of them.

We help you initiate the process of cleaning your criminal record in Maryland in 2 easy steps.

The waiver form is needed if the case occurred within the last three years


Congratulations, you are about to start managing the process to erase your criminal record in Maryland

Expungement Process.

Please read the “Important Information” before beginning your request to erase your criminal record.
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Important Information

If you would like to hire an expert attorney in criminal cases in Maryland in order to represent your case, you can call us at 301-442-2780.

  • This website does not give out legal advice.
  • We are not your attorney.
  • We don’t sign any documents as your attorney, for the “Self Service” option or “Self Service Plus” option. We only sign your documents as your attorney in the “Full Service” option when you select the option found in the form below.

What Exactly Do We Do?

We have the necessary experience to fill out your petition for expungement and send it to the state (Self Service Plus Option). The state has 30 days to object. If the state objects, you have the right to ask for a court appearance. At this point you can present yourself alone in court, or contract an attorney with experience to represent you.
If you need an attorney who is experienced in criminal cases you can call us at 301- 442-2780.

Benefits Of This

  • We help you to save money: In many cases, the state doesn’t oppose the petition that we send and you save money on the costs of a consultation and representation by a law firm. (Self Service Plus Option).
  • Time: We take charge of filling all of the necessary forms and send them to the right place with the intention of having your petition for the erasure of your criminal record processed as soon as possible. (Self Service Plus Option).
  • Customer Service: Once you start the process to erase your criminal record in Maryland (Expungement), you can always contact us directly by e-mail and a representative will respond as soon as possible in order to inform you whether your petition was accepted or rejected.

How Long Does
This Process Take

The time that this process takes depends upon the disposition and length of time since sentencing. The average time for this request process to erase your criminal record is around 90 days. 


We invite you to read some of our most recent reviews from the people whom we’ve helped to erase their criminal record in the state of Maryland.

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